Beside Them - Celebrating our Charmed Life
As the wife of a soldier in the Australian Army I have seen the good and the bad that we endure living our chosen life.  Along our long journey we meet many different people, live in some  amazing places and see a different side of our great land down under.
As spouses, parents, siblings, friends and of course children of our Defence Force members I saw something was missing from our special pieces of jewellery we love to collect.  On our charm bracelets we love to show off our wedding cake, baby booties and birth stones.  The most important piece of information was missing.  What describes who we are and why we make the choices we make.  Why we willingly move from posting to posting.  The reason we had to find a median line in the country for our wedding to take place. Explaining how our children all have birth certificates from different states.   My bracelet was only really telling half my story. 
We want to be proud of our Defence Force.  We need to show that we are proud of the work they do and the sacrifices they make.  As family and friends of members we should be able to show that we are proud to stand Beside Them.
After this realisation I have personally created a series of charms to help fill the void.  I only hope you can feel as passionate about them as I do.
 Free 18" Black leather necklace with all orders totaling at least $75 until September 30th.

All pieces are designed and made in the great land down under.

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